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Greatest Soccer Games

Abundant Life at UCS  1-1
This game pitted a much bigger school with much more experience against little Utica.  With 15 minutes to go in the game, Ron Breunig broke free and scored giving UCS a 1-0 lead.  With five minutes remaining, a handball in the box by a fourth grader, and the resulting penalty shot, tied the game at 1.

UCS at Calvary Baptist, Watertown  4-3 (3-1 in shootout)
This game saw CBCS take a 2-0 lead by halftime and a 3-1 lead midway through the second half.  UCS came back on goals by Matt Bursack and Dan Offerdahl to tie the game at 3 and send the game into a shootout which UCS won 3-1.

St. Paul's at UCS  5-4 (2 OT)
The scoring in this game was back and forth with UCS finally scoring the winning goal in OT.

Oaklawn at UCS  4-2
UCS never trailed in this game.  UCS took the lead and Oaklawn tied it a few minutes later.  UCS scored again and Oaklawn tied it just before halftime.  That was the last time Oaklawn would score in the game as UCS won it 4-2.

Rock County at UCS  3-2
This was a very physical game.  UCS jumped out to a 2-1 lead by halftime on goals by Craig Christensen and Joe Hellenbrand.  Beloit tied the game at 2 with just four minutes remaining.  With under a minute, Steven Dow took a free kick just outside the box and put it over the goalie's outstretched hands for the winning goal.  The resulting cheer from the crowd could be heard down at Barneys!!

UCS vs. Norwood Park, Chicago  3-1
This was the championship game of the Badger State Baptist Soccer Tournament in Milwaukee.  Norwood Park scored 10 minutes into the game when the ball landed in a mud puddle in front of the goal.  UCS would tie the game at 1 on a free kick from 30 yards out.  Joe Hellenbrand was tripped and Steven took the kick and placed it over the goalie's hands in the top corner of the net.  Joe Hellenbrand then scored in the 28th minute as he took a pass from Chad Christensen and put the ball in the left corner of the net giving the Defenders a 2-1 lead at half.  In the second half, Chad Christensen scored on a pass from Josh McAusland to seal the victory; and the defense of Phillip Nicolosi, Brian Frutiger, Mike Marsden, and Goalie Justin Pauley shut down the opposition.

Waukesha at UCS  3-2
UCS jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead in the first seven minutes of the game on goals by Chad Christensen and Joe Hellenbrand.  Waukesha would score on a penalty shot to cut the lead to 2-1.  Minutes later, goalie Justin Pauley punted the ball to Steven who passed to Joe Hellenbrand to make it 3-1 at half.  Waukesha would score in the 20th minute of the second half, but the UCS defense did not allow another score and preserved the victory 3-2.

2001 Girl's Soccer
UCS at MBA  5-7
UCS jumped out to a 3-0 lead on two goals by Kristen Pauley and one by Emily Dow.  Kristen scored on a free kick; then Emily scored a run of play goal, and Kristen scored on a penalty shot.  MBA would score 5 seconds before half to trim the lead to 3-1.  MBA scored the first two goals of the second half to tie the game at 3.  Then Kristen scored to once again give the lead to UCS 4-3.  MBA scored the next three goals to take a 6-4 lead.  Then Emily scored again to cut the lead to 6-5.  MBA would score once again to seal the victory for MBA 5-7.

UCS vs. Bay City Baptist, Green Bay  (WACS "Class B" State Championship)  4-2
UCS jumped out to a 2-0 lead on a corner kick goal by senior S teve Dow who would score again a few minutes later on a rebound shot.  Green Bay would cut into the lead on a corner kick goal at the start of the second half.  The games final goals would come in a 5 minute span in the middle of the second half.  Freshman Luke Steuerwald would score off a throw in from senior David Paull.  One and a half minutes later, Green Bay would score again, making the game 3-2 in favor of UCS.  Two minutes later, Steve Dow would score his third goal of the game dribbling down the right side and putting the ball in the corfner of the net giving UCS a 4-2 lead and their first WACS "Class B" state championship.

UCS Girls at Maranatha  2-1
This was an important game for the UCS girls.  A victory in this game would guarantee the first winning season for the girls soccer team in the five years the girls have had a team at UCS.  Also, a victory would mean that the team would get to shave the coach's head, a challenge made by the coach if the girls won at least half of their games.  About midway through the first half, Freshman Emily Dow passed to Freshman Emily Kutz who returned the pass to Emily Dow who put the ball over the goalie's head, 1-0 UCS.  MBA would score just before half to tie the game at 1-1.  Only minutes into the second half saw Emily Dow score again, again off a pass from Emily Kutz.  The last 10 minutes saw MBA pound the UCS goal in an attempt to send the game into overtime, but Senior Goalie Hannah Kutz, with the help of defenders Holly Steuerwald, Jessie Hamby, and Elizabeth McAusland, shut them down to preserve the win, giving the UCS girls their first winning soccer season.  They shaved Mr. Reid's head on the following Monday morning.

UCS at Waukesha  1-0
This was an all out defensive game for the Utica Defenders.  The team knew if they had any shot of keeping this game close and having a chance to win, they had to play defense.  The team was encouraged when the game was still scoreless at halftime.  Two minutes into the second half, senior Andrew Bartman passed to sophomore Nathan Lyle, who took the shot from 20 yds. out, deflecting the ball off the inside of the goal post and into the net.  The last 38 minutes was relentless defense as the Waukesha offense continued to power shots at the goal.  Goalie Kyle Kutz had 20 saves on the day as UCS prevailed over Waukesha 1-0.

UCS Girls vs SWCHA  4-3
The UCS girls were in the midst of trying to complete the first undefeated season in the history of UCS soccer (boys or girls).  The team that stood in the way were the Waukesha Home School Team.  The first game at Waukesha had ended in a 2-2 tie with UCS having to come back from a 2-0 deficit to achieve the tie.  This game, however, would be different.  UCS jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of the game.  The coach (who happened to be celebrating his birthday on this day) had told the team..."score early and often" and the team lived up to the challenge.  By halftime, SWCHA managed to tie the game at 2.  10 minutes into the second half, UCS found the net for a 3-2 lead. Again, SWCHA would tie it a few minutes later at 3-3.  5 minutes later, Merriellen Roth, a sophomore, would get a break away and with pressure from the Waukesha defenders, shoot wide.  The coach called Merriellen over and told her that if she got another break away, take 2 steps and take a shot, for he knew that any more than that, and the defenders would be on her.  5 minutes later, with under 1 minute left in the game, Senior Emily Kutz, passed up the middle, beating the center defender to Merriellen who was breaking toward the net.  Timed perfectly, Merriellen got to the ball, took 2 steps and shot.  The ball hit the opposite corner of the net under a diving goalie and UCS held on for a 4-3 win.  The game ended with the team singing "Happy Birthday" to their coach.  A week later, the team would complete their undefeated season defeating Waukesha Christian 5-2.

UCS at Union Grove  3-2
Union Grove took the lead 1 minute in to the game and UCS tied it up a little while later.  Union Grove took the lead earlyh in the second half and UCS tied it up mid way through the second half 2-2.  With 5 mins to go, UCS took the lead on a goal by Matt Jelinek and held on for the 3-2 Win.

UCS vs Green Bay  3-2  (4-2 Shootout)
This was is the last game of the Union Grove Tournament.  UCS was down 2-1 in this game with under 3 minutes to go when Goalie Kyle Kutz called for al 11 man offense and broke down the field.  He would help force the ball into the goal to tie it up at 2.  UCS then performed quite well in the shootout to win 4-2.

UCS Girls vs West Bend Home School  2-0
Any time UCS plays a home school team, they know it will be a tough game as home school teams usually have "multitudes" of players to choose from.  This was the first time UCS would play this team.  UCS would take the lead in the first half and then would score again late in the second half on a goal by Senior Merriellen Roth for the 2-0 win.  However, this was a bitter sweet win as Junior Forward Carissa Koenig would go down with a serious knee injury tearing her ACL midway through the second half.  We wish you a quick recovery from surgery, Carissa!  (Update:  Merriellen Roth would go on to play college soccer at MBBC and play in the national champioship game a couple of years later while Carissa, after having surgery, would go on to play college soccer at NBBC and play in the third place game of the national championship three years later.  Merriellen and Carissa play against each other now in college as their respective teams play each other.

UCS vs Madison Home School  3-0
This was a well-played game by the UCS team as they opened their season with a 3-0 win over a common rival with a very young team in place this season.

UCS vs Madison Home School  5-4
UCS jumped out to an early lead 1 minute into the game with a rifle shot by senior Josiah Lyle from 18 yards out into the opposite corner of the net.  UCS would jump out to a 4-2 lead only to see the game tied up at 4 by half time.  UCS would score the go ahead goal early in the second half and hold on for the win.